January 14, 2013

Saige's Snow Day

A photo story narrated by Saige.

As soon as I got home from school, I went to my thinking spot. It's a high loft close to the window, and I come up with all my best drawing, painting, and writing ideas there!

 I turned to look out the window......

 And screamed!

"IT'S SNOWING! HOLY GUACAMOLE, IT'S SNOWING!" I got down from the loft, ran into the room I share with Nicole and Lizzie Gray, and jumped on my bed.
"IT'S SNOWING! LIZZIE GRAY, IT'S SNOWING!" Lizzie Gray turned around.
"Don't get too excited. We live in the mountains, and it always snows, but we haven't gotten more than one foot in a long time.Anyways, I can't go out because it's too slippery for my wheels." I sighed. What a party pooper. I thought. So I went to talk with Nicole.

"NICOLE! IT'S SNOWING!" I yelled. She turned to look out the window.
"Saige, calm down. There's barely any out there, and it's already stopping."
I rolled my eyes. "You guys are no fun! Well, I'm going out myself!" I tried to pull on some warm clothes, put everything we had was too big.
"Okay, then." I said, but it sounded more like "Duh duh duh duh." "I'm going outside to enjoy the snow!"
"SNOW!"I caught a snowflake in my hand.
And then I got cold and went inside. :P

Thanks! I have a Caption That Picture coming soon!

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