January 8, 2013

An Apology and a Review

Well, you know how life is. 

I had this great tutorial of Saige's meet hairstyle (a friend helped me figure it out perfectly!) in my mind, and as soon as I got home I was going to take pictures and send it..... but then we had some arrangements and if I tried taking pictures it would be too dark. So I decided that to make up for it, I'm going to do a review of Saige's Sweater Outfit.

When I first saw this outfit on Agoverseasfan's spoiler video, I knew I was going to buy it! It's probably the best outfit they've ever made, in my opinion. I would wear this any day, and it has a lot of different pieces that you can mix and match.

~ The sweater- love the colors and the print, and it's super soft and stretchy knit material. The only problem I had was getting the extra material in the front to lay down properly.... it takes a little work.
~ The tank top- when I saw this picture (above), I thought the tank top was just a regular grey t-shirt, but up close it's a shocker! There's a light gray pattern printed on to it. One thing I didn't like was that there is only velcro on half of the shirt (It doesn't open all the way) so you have to stick her feet into it and try to pull it up.
~ The leggings- Super cute (they would look good with anything) and slide perfectly onto my other doll's legs, but it's hard to pull them up on Saige for some reason. I also don't like the extra material (they're a bit too long) because they look wrinkly on the doll.
~ The sandals- super cute! They slip on fine, but it's hard to completely velcro the backs.

So overall, I would give this outfit an A+! It's super stylish, and though it has a few flaws, I don't have any major concerns. The long silver necklace with the cactus flower on it from Saige's Sparkle Dress looks a lot better with this outfit then it does the dress (Marie Grace's locket looks GREAT with the pink dress), and I think they should've included a necklace, but I think this is worth the money. 

I need a sparkly hair pick for Saige soon (I also really want to read Saige Paints the Sky), and if I order it off of American Girl I'm going to get sometime else to make it worth the shipping. Here are my options: 

Saige's Accessories
Saige's Parade Outfit
Saige's Pajamas

Which one do you think I should get?


  1. Great review! I think you should get the parade outfit, it's my favorite outfit of all of her outfits..I am not really sure why. :P Oh, I guess because I'm a horse-boots-n-jeans sorta girl! LOL!

  2. I think you should get the accessories since the earrings look really good with the sparkly dress and the sweater outfit. I don't actually have the outfits or accessories but they look good in pictures.


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