January 25, 2013

Saige Paints the Sky!

Well, Saige isn't really "painting" the sky, she's just in the sky. :P
Also, a review of Saige Paints the Sky, the book!

I'm really digging Saige (the character) right about now. She's thoughtful, and also really good at what she does: art. I've been to New Mexico once, and I can just imagine what it would be like to live there with the beautiful scenery. In this book, Saige has decided to take action and get an after-school art class. It seems to be moving a bit faster when she groups up with Dylan, Tessa and Gabi. They hold a protest, have an art time at Mimi's rehab center and even have a news conference! I'm not going to give anything away, but I liked how Saige found the strength to be brave for something she believed in.

  I thought this book was great, but it left a few loose ends that can't be tied up now. I also didn't like how quickly they skipped through parts like Saige's Birthday and the Balloon Festival. There were also only THREE pictures. Now, don't get me wrong, I'd rather have a book with no pictures than one full of them, but it surprises me from AG because they have such good artists. Anyways, I'd give it an A.

  It's also always been a dream of mine to write a book for American Girl. Of course I'll publish some of my own books, but it'd be so cool to have tons of girls read my work!

Plus, I've been looking at libertyjanepatterns.com and found some awesome clothes to get started on with my little sewing machine! Now all I need is fabric.

Oh, and one more unrelated thing: Harmony Club Dolls. I heard about them for a while on Doll Diaries (Char, the author, just got one) , and I was looking on their site. I found this one:
REDUCED PRICE, AARYN, DUE TO LIGHTER EYELID SHADINGSuper cute! Her name is Aaryn, they said she's discontinued because of lighter eyelid shading, and she's only $55 dollars. Who knows! Maybe I'll get her sometime.

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