January 7, 2013

The Girls

Here's some pictures of my doll family!

A group photo:

I just noticed they all have blue eyes! L to R: Saige, Lucy (Not my doll), Nicole, and Lizzie Gray.

Here's Lizzie Gray. She was my first doll. I got her for my birthday in 2010:

Lizzie Gray is wearing Saige's sweater outfit, and she's in the American Girl Berry wheelchair.

Marie Grace is my second doll. I entered the short story contest about friendship for Marie-Grace and Cecile with a great story, but I didn't win :(, so I saved up and ordered Marie in November 2011.

She's also wearing Saige's Sweater outfit :) and the Raspberry Glasses.

And my new personal favorite: Saige! I bought her on the first of January at the American Girl store, along with her sparkle dress and sweater outfit. I plan to buy the rest of her collection (Not the hot air balloon, MAYBE Picasso) throughout the year. 

I think she's the most photogenic of the bunch. WARNING: When I got Saige, I took out her hairstyle to see her beautiful curls, but the hairstyle is very hard to reproduce, so I would suggest keeping it in. She is gorgeous, though!

I hope you continue following my blog. I'm going to get a signature from someone soon, and maybe a new blog design. 


  1. Adollable!!! I am so following ur blog!!! Please follow mine: it is www.agreviewsbyedye.blogspot.com

  2. Thanks you two! You've been really great (I would still be confused and hoping that SOMEONE would even look at my blog if it wasn't for you) and I'm following your blogs, too!


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